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UNN group (Union network), was established in the Commonwealth, the Internet is a business investment based international investment company, owned by Saudi Arabia, Russia, America international fund the company's strong financial support. Business throughout the American, Britain, Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, the Asian group company division in Hong Kong China.


UNN Group (Union network) is committed to investing in investment cooperation Internet mergers and acquisitions, project finance, science and technology industry, real estate, Internet projects, new energy and other high-tech research and development in industries and other fields. Group is strong, since the companies operate, business radiation around the world the United States, Britain, Singapore, Japan, India, Hong Kong, etc., and all parties to create a win-win situation.

Investment and Cooperation

Investment growth, the relative maturity of enterprises, with a reasonable investment portfolio, and strive to minimize risk and maximize returns. Strengthen cooperation with foreign investment, body and other venture capital institutions, improve the ratio of investment to improve the complementarity of resources and value-added service capabilities, establish guidance funds network, improve search ability of joint investment projects and to create investment industry chain and value chain, reduce service costs and improve service efficiency.

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